L. Ron Hubbard, Founder
Church of Spiritual Technology (CST)
Religious Technology Center (RTC)
Church of Scientology International (CSI)
To maintain the purity and integrity of the "religion of Scientology," which is not the same as the "Church of Scientology" *
Can buy the trademarks & Advanced Technology from RTC for $100, effectively putting them out of business
Trustees and special directors are appointed for life
Trustees alone can elect/remove a trustee
The board of trustees elect/remove general directors of CST
Acts of general directors need approval of special directors
*  “That is to say, the terms ‘religion of Scientology’ and 'Church of Scientology' shall be co-terminal only so long as churches of Scientology continue, in the opinion of... the Directors and Trustees [of CST] ..., to espouse, propagate and practice the religion of Scientology.”
- L. Ron Hubbard, Bylaws of CST, Article II (f)
Cross Checks
RTC can threaten to or revoke trademarks & Advanced Materials from CSI
CST can threaten to or buy trademarks & Advanced Materials from RTC
RTC trustees automatically disqualified if CSI revokes good standing, and is grounds for  removal of RTC directors (by its trustees)
(i.e., a "COB" is merely the admin for board meetings; not a mgmt position)
To maintain the ethical use of Scientology trademarks & Advanced Techology and to not permit their use in a way that damages the religion * or the repute of LRH
No one board member senior to others
No authority over Scientologists
No management authority over CSI or its lower echelons (e.g., OSA, etc.)
To disseminate and deliver the Tech and be the ethics and justice authority over Scientology members and groups
Responsible for getting the correct technology applied correctly
Trustees appointed for life
Sole purpose of trustees is to elect & remove general directors, who are legally responsible for the corporation's affairs
ED Int., not COB RTC, is the senior management executive and convening authority for worldwide matters
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Revocation of good standing in CSI is grounds for removal of CST general directors, but not for CST trustees & special directors
What Did LRH Intend For The Governance Of Scientology Organizations?
3 separate boards: trustees, general & special directors
Trustees & general directors together can override disapproval of special directors
2 boards: trustees & general directors
2 boards: trustees & general directors
Can revoke CSI's right to use Scientology trademarks & advanced materials
Discipline, correct or expel Scientology members or groups
The board of general directors governs the affairs of CST
Trustees elect & remove directors, who are responsible for corporate affairs
CST can threaten to or buy trademarks & Advanced Materials from RTC and then revoke CSI licenses